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Our positions

No matter whether you are a student, fresh graduate, experienced professional, mature worker, parent returning from a parental leave or a traveler who has decided to settle and start a career, at KONE Business Services you will find your place. Check out our open positions!


Work-life balance is very important to us. With flexible working hours and home office possibilities you can manage your time according to your needs. Have a look at the benefits we offer our employees.


Your work life balance matters! Enjoy two additional days off during the year.


Everyone can sometimes be unexpectedly surprised by illness. At KONE, you can take an extra day off 2 times a year to cure your illness without having to visit a doctor.


Always dreamt about learning French, Italian or German? At KONE we will cover half of your language tuition. The choice is yours.


Enjoy a cup of our freshly ground coffee with your colleagues! Coffee, tea, soda, chilled water… All our drinks are free in unlimited amounts.


Spoil yourself. Treat yourself to an extra little something for monthly credits, both delivered and redeemed through our benefits portal.


Join our runners team, enjoy a free entrance to swimming pool or have an unlimited access to sport classes, gyms and spas with a multisport card.


Your work and effort are rewarded on annual basis in the form of performance appraisal bonus.


At KONE Business Services you can enjoy home office or telework to better combine your personal needs and work responsibilities.


KONE Shared Services awarded the KONE Quality recognition award

KONE Shared Services has received KONE Quality recognition 2021 for having built a strong foundation for continual improvement, by enabling our teams to actively contribute in the ideation and by engaging cross-functionally lead improvement activities.

Hiring process

Have a look at what happens after you send us your CV.

  1. Your CV is screened by our Talent Acquisition Specialists.
  2. Initial interview takes place over a phone and is performed by KONE Talent Acquisition Specialist.
  3. Face to face or video interview is conducted by your potential future manager.
  4. Recruitment process for Leadership roles will include additional steps, such as Assessment center and PAPI test.
  5. Job Offer/ Feedback.

Meet our employees


Renata Ondriašová

HR Manager
KONE Business Services Bratislava
In KONE since 2007

I see the future in the company I currently work for – in KONE. I am excited about my current role as HR Manager, supporting colleagues and knowing that I learn new things that move me forward every day. My motto during 13 years in KONE has been simple - I never lose, I either win or learn something new.


Štefan Žatko

Specialist for Tool Support
M&S Partner Organization
In KONE since 2016

I have been working for KONE for 10 years. I've started as a processing agent working with SAP and Excel. Over the years, I've learned a lot and today I work on a new report development and automation, programming in Visual Basic. I've learned a lot about processes from our Finnish colleagues. And I also help other departments in KONE Business Services with reports and other tools automation. There is always a room for further improvement.


Petronela Svatíková

Team Leader
Maintain CNE
In KONE since 2008

For me, a personal and human approach is what is important in the work environment. In KONE I feel that my team is also my family - my colleagues have become friends who know how to support and help not only in work matters. That's one of the reasons I've been in the company for 12 years. I've started at KONE as a part-time student while still studying and today I lead my own team.


Robert Hamburgbadžo

Processing Agent
Sourcing CNE
In KONE since 2017

Thanks to KONE I can live the life I want. I can combine work with other activities, which I have a lot. In addition to working for KONE, I work externally with the Slovak national television, I study International relations and diplomacy, and I also manage to spend time with family, friends or do volunteering work. I can manage all this thanks to KONE flexible working time and the great team that I am part of.


Branislav Kovárik

Operational Manager
Maintain CNE
In KONE since 2011

I still remember the moment when I got a job offer at KONE. I was offered a position of Processing Agent and it never occurred to me that I would still be here 10 years later. However, I was given the opportunity to grow and develop - over time, I became the right hand of the team leader, then came another opportunity to lead the entire team and today it is the whole department. The people who accepted me are now my close colleagues, from whom I've learned a lot and at the same time I grew as a person. For all this, KONE is a great place to work for me.


Ivana Murcinová

Process Specialist
Change Management
In KONE since 2017

Right after completing my studies, I got an opportunity to work for KONE. For me this was a dream come true - an international company and a great team. Getting great opportunity for career development, progressing from processing agent position to a specialist role and working on various projects makes me happy.


Jenny Frolin

Process Specialist Talent Management and Talent Acquisition
HR Services
In KONE since 2018

I need variety and learning to feel happy in what I do, and working in KONE I’m never bored! I started off as an HR Services Agent, and after some time I got the chance to move to a new role as a Process Specialist. In both roles, I’ve had several opportunities to explore new areas and take part in projects which keeps me interested and enthusiastic about working in this company.


Katarína Bobáková

Process Analyst
In KONE since 2015

After 5 years in KONE office, I've switched to teleworking. My son has started studying at a Chinese-English bilingual school and this situation brought many changes to our lives. We had to move hundreds of kilometers from where KONE is based, where I met great people and was part of many projects. Thanks to the values that KONE has deeply rooted in, the company enabled me to keep to balance between work and family.


Andrea Farina

Process Analyst
Maintain SEMA
In KONE since 2018

When I first heard about KONE, I didn’t even know which kind of business it was about and how to pronounce properly the company’s name. Moreover I come from Italy and it was my first work experience after university. Well, KONE SSC and Slovakia welcomed me in a way I will never forget, I feel lucky and proud to be part of KONE, a great community composed of people coming from different corners of the world.


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