Processing agents/ analysts

Processing agents/ analysts


What does a Processing Agent do

"I have been working as a Processing agent for almost 5 years. My main job is to process invoices for customers in SAP system. On top of that, I also report volumes, numbers and current status to my team leader and communicate daily with colleagues in Germany to solve issues or clarify unclarities. Another important part of the work of a Processing agent is the preparation of manuals, i.e. manuals for processing invoices, which serve also as a learning tool for our new colleagues. I aim for high customer satisfaction in the invoice processing, high quality and efficiency. The advantage of this work is that I have the opportunity to communicate daily in a foreign language, in my case it is German."

Lukáš Gábor, Maintain, German Master Data and Billing Team


Skills you need

"The job of Processing Agent is to enter, update and manage data in the system in a correct manner, so one of the main skills required for this job is accuracy and attention to detail. Eagerness to solve problems and find solution to case issues is also important. Our work requires the use of Outlook, Word, Excel, as well as SAP so computer skills are necessary. As Processing Agent you can make use not only of your administrative skills but also of your communication skills. The scope of work includes daily communication with colleagues abroad, so you have the opportunity to practice your language skills, and each additional language is an advantage. However, you will not only communicate with people abroad, but also with colleagues from the team, so in addition to your language skills, you need to be a team player, a partner, a friend you can rely on and who brings positive attitude and good mood."

Natália Beňovičová, Maintain, French Master Data Team

img_Marianna Kobylanova PROCESSING AGENT

What is great about being Processing Agent

"The team I work for is responsible for creating folders with all the legal documents required from a company before starting the installation works at a building site. This work is very dynamic, you don't get bored, you always have to deal with something. For me it's a kind of an imaginary game. I need to meet the requirements set by someone all the way to obtaining an approval from the client and go through various stages. And since I like to communicate with people, for me it's a bonus that I can actively communicate with people in different languages, depending on the country I work for. It's a job that has a meaning. We make sure that all the necessary administrative regulations are met before KONE starts installing its products."

Marianna Kobyľanová, Delivery, Sourcing SEMA


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