For students


Student opportunities at KONE

I work as a scanning agent in the Management & Support team. You may think I am actually scanning some documents, but this has not been the case for a long time now. We receive invoices from vendors in electronic form, which we then upload to SAP via special software. Some vendors also have the opportunity to send their invoices directly to the system, which will then transfer them to SAP and thus speed up the entire process. Since I am studying at Comenius University at the Faculty of Management, this opportunity gives me the chance to see how some things work in practice, what is just a theory and what is actually used.

Erik Mráz, Scanning Agent Management & Support


How to combine work and studies

Communication and time management are the key. As a student you will work 20 hours per week and you can plan your working hours flexibly to fit your school schedule but try to clearly communicate with your team leader or manager about your availability, especially in urgent circumstances. In addition to communication and time management, try to design your schedule in a way which will fit your studies timetable and working hours. By combining work and studies you will learn more about yourself and how to balance between your personal and professional interests.

Alaa Al-Haddad, Processing Agent, Maintain SEMA


What is great about being a student working at KONE

Working at KONE is a great opportunity for students to gain valuable experience during their studies. At the same time, the company offers a continuous transition to permanent employment. I started at KONE as a student and it was a very good experience. Everyone was very welcoming and flexible and my working hours were fully adapted to my student needs. On top of that, I could work from home so it was perfectly manageable. I learned a lot of new things and got the opportunity to make money while studying. After finishing school, I was offered a transition to full-time work, so that took off the stress of looking for a job after school.

Dominika Múdra, Processing Agent, Fulfill SEMA


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