Team leader


What does a KONE Team Leader do

“The role of a Team Leader in KONE is quite significant as in many aspects it incudes also managerial role. The main part is daily coaching and cooperation with direct team members. Coaching, motivating, evaluating and guiding or supporting is the key sign for each Team Leader. Except the internal communication, Team Leader has to master also daily contact with stakeholders, partners, managers on different level and other team members. Team Leader is responsible also for goal achievement of the team in regards maintaining good level of KPI, performance and service. Working in chalenging and competitive enviroment, role of a Team Leader is important also for career growth and development of team members as per offering opportunities to show the potential and gain new experience.“

Ivana Feketeová, Team Leader for HR Services SEMA Team


The skills you need to be a Team Leader

“Team Leader should provide direction and guidance for his team. Should be a role model for the people, always there to give helping hand. Assign task, solve problems and encourage people to learn and grow. To do all that well, the right person should be empathic, self-aware, charismatic as well as have integrity, great communication skills and gratitude but also high learning agility.“

Maroš Latta, Team Leader, Maintain, Scandinavian Team


What is great about being a Team Leader at KONE

“I am very passionate about being a team leader at KONE. This role gives me the chance to be lively, astute & creative at work, besides giving me the opportunity to be supportive of my team and stakeholders in an effective manner: I got all the instruments, knowledge and trust to build solid relationships and act effectively. Since the beginning, I have been given the opportunity to attend several trainings about leadership which helped me to become even more confident, reliable and enthusiastic in my daily professional life. Additionally, the intrinsic flexibility of my role allows me to have all the time in place a perfect balance between my professional and private life.”

Federica Basile, Team Leader, Maintain, French Master Data Management Team


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